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About our Business Scholarships for Youth belonging to families who dont have enough funds to sponsor their kids overseas education.

Ali Aslam Foundation has been providing students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Knowledge, creativity and hands-on experience have always been at our core, and we’re proud of the generations of students who have graduated from our funds from an international Business School. We always encourage both donaters and students to grow, learn and create each passing day.


What’s Coming Up

Applications Open

We are accepting applications for July intake at Bahrain and Canada for a 3 year bachelors degree award. Fields include Business Management, Hotel Management and Others. Monthly Stipend is 800 USD which is more then enough to cover living and bursary costs. Contacts ASAP

Matric or Intermediate Completed

Students must have completed matriculation or intermediate at least. while those already having bachelors will be considered for higher programs. Admissions are open for July for Bahrain/Canada 1-3 years programs. Apply before 31 May, 2018

Our Business name is on stake. hence quality be A+

Our Trademark name is made to lead with the world, hence our policies are zero tolerant as we are here to establish our name and nation. No Compromise in this.

Pakistan International Image

We have traveled worldwide, been to every corner in Pakistan and we knows how life is different when you  go from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar to rest of Pakistan such as FATA, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK and South Punjab. Pakistan international image is totally false tailored, thanks to the powerful media of our neighbors. We are perceived in a totally unacceptable which needs to changed through our literacy rate, nation industry boom, women empowerment and understanding the actual religion meaning as Arabic is not our language but 70% reads only in Arabic and have no understanding of what is written actually. Pakistanis are highly career oriented, hard workers but there is no platform to provide continuous personal development. Pakistan will be known as an Engineering & Technology Innovations Contributor, a nation full with industries and Universities ranked among top 100, where all will stay here as well as study here, will travel worldwide and will have good relations with all nations specially our neighbors. 

Unemployment, Desire to Settle Overseas, Travel Restrictions

Due to visa restrictions, even visit visa is almost impossible to get, Pakistanis due to low foreign exposure lacks the Travel factor which is necessary besides quality education for the Youth as they are future leaders which we are intending to develop them by providing fully funded scholarships to study from overseas, learn cultures, understand the meaning of Quran and dedicate themselves for the revival of our image. Those who have done all this still suffer because our image, visa restrictions does not allow us to compete at a Global level and if such trend continues, we would never ever be like South Korea, Germany, Japan, China, Finland and USA. This cause is the one of its own kind where we request only that we will provide education to YOUTH living under extreme poverty and unlike others our operational costs will not be deducted from your donations rather from our own business where we have fixed a percentage for that. Each of your money will be used for the education where you will be connected in a way with students where you will be able to see/verify each single penny you donated. This is run by the owner who has three degrees, all from overseas, worked with all nationalities, researcher, innovation promoter and now his vision is to assist through his technical capabilities and multi visionary mindset, the talented youth with the capabilities to become the Future Leaders under the name of our Trademark which is also involved in several other ventures all benefiting the energy & international image crisis this country is facing with. Donations will be accepted once we get ourselves registered and endorsed with the Govt and International monitoring bodies who will do our transparency & standards rating as well as World's Top Financial Audit Company has already been chosen. 

This Year’s Top Ali Aslam Foundation Students

As international universities run their programs in September, hence we are requesting to Worldwide Universities for partnership offers and as soon as we get under SECP, we will choose the best deserving talent to be awarded with this gift. All donations and funding will be made available live, with full confidentiality and upon good response we will further expand ourselves in totally eliminating poverty and creating a scenario to bring in the foreign companies under our responsibility to revive the economic growth. We are experts with Oil, Gas, Power and Artificial Intelligence and have started new ventures whose details are mentioned separate. Those who can assist or want to contribute are requested to Contact us on immediate basis considering the September intake applications must be submitted before 31 May. At least 100 students is our target for September session overseas. 


"If you believe in yourself, other negative comments does not bothers you and when you can see the vision clear, this is time to step forward diligently with a vision to succeed, that's it. "

Ali Aslam


Contact Us

Visitors are always welcome to inquire or donate for Scholarship. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

+92 300 5567170 | +92 51 2221747




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